How It Works


CardinalSim is designed to run on standard commercial-grade hardware and software.

The use of a high-end graphics boards is recommended given its use of ray-casting volumetric rendering.

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• OS X version 10.8 or higher (but untested on 10.9)

• Processor with 4+ cores

• 4+ GB memory

• NVIDIA or AMD graphics

• Recommended: iMac 27″, MacBook Pro 15″, or Mac Pro

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• Microsoft Windows 7 or higher

• Processor with 4+ cores

• 4+ GB memory

• High-end graphics board (scores 2000+ on PassMark G3D:

CardinalSim supports a variety of stereoscopic display options that use side-by-side, vertical stack, or anaglyph methods.

CardinalSim supports a number of commercially-available haptic interfaces, such as those developed by Geomagic and ForceDimension.

Haptic rendering uses the Chai3D library.